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We have one goal at JOMO: make an impact.
The kind of impact that changes the course of a client’s business. From the start, our mission is to dig deeper into a brand than anyone has before, to find a hidden value no one has uncovered before, and illuminate that value in a way that drives consumer behavior. Here are a few cases in point.

  • Zantac
    For two years, the iconic character we created for Zantac has helped the brand take on the giants of the heartburn category and win. This friendly fire fighter has delivered his message in television, print, radio, in-store, in social media, online and on the Zantac website. He’s even starred on Broadway in a digital billboard. This powerful brand idea has helped Zantac grow despite being outspent 10 to 1 in some cases. And we think that makes a good case for taking a look at JOMO.
  • The Success of
    SunnyD was not shining as bright in mom’s eyes as it used to. There were a lot of other healthy drink options for kids. But what those drink options didn’t have was the sense of vitality and optimism that SunnyD did. So, we captured that bright, hopeful spirit in iconic shadows of kids in action, and moms saw the light. We turned around a nine year sales slide that their former agency (a global behemoth) could not.
  • People’s Bank
    Being outspent by the competition was a huge understatement in the case of People’s Bank. But with “It’s possible. At people’s” we had a completely integrated campaign that leveled the playing field. It drove awareness and persuasion numbers higher than banks spending 7 times as much. More importantly, it helped increase assets by 33%.
  • Sure Fit
    Slipcovers??? Aren’t those the things your grandmother used and you made jokes about? Not anymore. With our multi-channel campaign, Sure Fit became part of the cool HGTV home improvement phenomenon. Sales began turning around almost immediately, and in three years the Sure Fit business nearly doubled. It seems granny was just a little ahead of her time.
  • Lawrence Hospital
    The information age has empowered everyone to take a more active role in all of life’s big decisions. Especially healthcare. Our fully integrated campaign for Lawrence Hospital Center communicated a sense of transparency that was unheard of for a healthcare facility, and consumers found that refreshing. It also increased patient visits to Lawrence’s emergency and maternity centers, and created a new high profile awareness of their surgical department.